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Thursday, September 20, 2007

More BIg Results!

There were 2 big events going on last weekend. The SoCal Nevada District Elite Track Championships, and th Collegiate National Track Championships.

Matt Donovan scored another championship jersey. You might remember he got himself a masters championship in the match sprints in August. Now he can add an Elite state championship jersey to that collection, as he ( along with his 2 teammates) won the team sprint competition. They beat some really high quality teams to do it, so that make the victory that much sweeter.

I coach 2 of the riders that went to collegiate track nationals. Julia and Kelcie both set PRs in the 500m and 2000m time trials, while Kelcie also set a PR in the 200m. Julia not only set personal records, but won bronze medals in both the 200m and the 2K. The highlight of the weekend was when Julia and Kelcie won the team sprint with their teammate Anna Lang, so they all get to go home with a national champ jersey.

So the tally for the weekend is:
1 elite state championship
5 personal records
2 Bronze medals at a national event
2 National Championship jerseys
A Great Photo of Matt During a Sprint:

Monday, September 10, 2007

Fiesta Island Time Trial

Some of my boys really kicked ass at the Fiesta Island Time Trial. My CyclingScience team won the team TT last year, and couldn't wait to get out there to defend the championship. The boys did better than just win the event, they set an all time course record! These guys did a 40K (24.9 miles) in 48:50, and blasted the old record by over a minute. A 48:50 40K is averaging 49K/ 30.5miles an hour.

Steve Scott also set ANOTHER personal record in the individual 20K, posting a 27:42, or 26.9 MPH. Pretty good for a guy that just turned 51 :-) Steve was struggling to beat 30 minutes just a couple of years ago.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Master's National Track Championships

Master's national championships went well this year. I only had 2 riders there this year, and didn't race myself because I had ANOTHER knee surgery on August 14th. My riders that did go to nats had some great rides. Joseph Lacour won a silver medal in the match sprints as well as a Bronze medal in the team sprint. I was very proud of Joe for winning the silver, but also a little disappointed that he didn't get the gold. The guy that beat him(Mike Beers) is a very experienced racer and was an elite national champ just a few years ago, so at least he lost to a high quality rider.

My other rider was Mike Mccue. This was Mike's first year to go to masters nats, and he set a personal record in both the 2K pursuit and the 500m. Mike also did the points race, but some dillhole FORGOT TO GLUE HIS TUBULAR, rolled a tire, and took out about half a dozen racers (incl Mike)only 2 laps into the race. Mike got back in the race, but just wasn't himself once he got back in.
The whole weeklong event was great, and I am already fired up for next year. I look forward to racing myself, as well as taking a few more riders out there with me.