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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Season is Winding Down....

The season is winding down for most racers. I've got Jason Vorell hitting some cyclocross races prett hard in the coming months, but besides Jason and a few time trialisst there isn't much going on. I will be racing in the San Diego Annual Inivitational 2-Day Madison this coming weekend. It is more of a fun event (if you can call incredible suffering fun). I'l be out there racing with guys that have been to the olympics, world championships, and curent and former national champs, so I'm in for some pain for sure.

In case you don't know what a madison is, it is a race where you are basically racing with a partner and only one of you is racing at any given time. You literally grab the hand of you partner and throw him in at 30 MPH, then you get about 30 seconds rest and he throws you in. Get about 10 teams going, throw in some sprints, and you are in for the most pain, suffering, and fun you can have on a bike!

Here is a good decsription of madison racing :

Monday, September 19, 2005

Never run away from your problems

I saw this today and though it was great...

Mammoth MTB Nationals

MTB Nationals at Mammoth were HIGHLY compeitive this year, with top riders from every category coming from across the country
Jose rode to a 23rd place in a VERY strong expert field.
Zac ended up tenth in his race. Here's the strange thing about that....
For some reason, the riders are allowed tor race DOWN a category at nationals. Advised Zac to race in his normal cat, but he ended up racing beginner. Every fast kid from across the country also decided to race beginner so they could try and win a medal. IMO, the medal is worthless if you are racing down to attain it. There shouldn't even be a beginner class at nationals!
Anyway.... Zac got 10th in the race, but noticed when he checked the results that his speed would have actually placed him HIGHER if he he raced in his normal category.
That's what you get when you race for a beginner championship.

Young Zac has a had a great year toher than the day at mammoth, and still has a couple more races to get out there and mix it up before the off season begins....

Monday, September 12, 2005

Big News

Grant Sample along twith some of my Ranchos teammates got 2nd place in the state TTT. They were only beat by 45 seconds, and it was a group of cat 1/2s that beat them. Not Bad for a bunch motely crue of cat 3 and 4 riders! Grant has been featured rider on mmy site for a while now, and his TT prowess is well known, but this is till a big accomplishment.

Next weekend Jose Nilo and Zac Stein are both going to be racing MTB nationals in Mammoth. Stay tuned to see how they do!